I'm a singer/songwriter living in Richmond, KY with roots in both contemporary and traditional country. Unlike many songwriters, music has not been a lifelong passion for me...I didn't write my first song until the ripe old age of 38 (July 2013). Once bitten by the songwriting bug, however, it's a passion that now consumes me daily. It turned out I had a natural talent for writing, as the second song I ever wrote (Your Side of the Bed) was recommended for the publisher's luncheon through NSAI, one of their highest honors! I have since had many more songs recommended, both through individual writes and co-writes, and have been named "One to Watch" by NSAI on numerous occasions. My first indie cuts will be arriving in late 2015/early 2016, and I hope to be adding to that list with each song I write. I'm continuing to refine my craft through workshops and Master Classes, and attempting to improve my skills any way I can. If you like the songs you hear, please contact me for any business matters or co-writing opportunities!